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Owner / Lead Planner

Britta is a Washington native, and grew up in the Edmonds area. Her Father claims she had been planning her own wedding since birth, and she has loved weddings as long as she can remember with one of her favorite movies being 7 brides for 7 brothers. She started her career in hospitality at very prominent hotel in downtown Seattle which laid the foundation for her passion in providing superb customer service. After helping countless brides get married at the hotels she was working at, she thought to herself she could do this on her own with other brides. In summer of 2012 she launched Britta's Brides. Britta was married in September 2016 to her loving husband Joel and as you can imagine she loved planning every minute of her big day. Britta & Joel welcomed their first daughter Ella in April 2019. Ella is already training to be a future wedding planner and has already been in 4 weddings. In 2020, the Jacksons moved to Arlington and started Jackson Manor, their own wedding venue and hosted their first wedding season the following year. Britta and Joel welcomed their second child Everly in June 2022 who is the sweetest and happiest chunkie baby ever. When not spending time planning or coordinating weddings, she loves to spend her spare time at Disneyland (where Joel proposed to her) toddler wrangling and with her fur baby tinks. She truly loves what she does and wouldn't change it for the world. What started out as a dream has now become a reality.  Britta's Brides is not only her career but her passion.

brittas brides team
brittas brides team
brittas brides team


brittas brides team silvia

Planner & Day of Coordinator

Silvia grew up in Edmonds, Wa and met Britta in middle school. Silvia has been planning large events for over 11 years. Between weddings, kids parties, banquets to family vacations, she knows how to plan her way around anything! Silvia enjoys how weddings bring people together to celebrate love. She loves everything Disney, reading, her 2 cats, and taking care of her plants. Silvia came to Britta's Brides with a theater background and having stage management experience. This has been a huge asset when she started her new career as a Wedding coordinator back in 2016.  She has also been in countless weddings which has been able to give her first hand knowledge of wedding days from the inside out. 

*Silvia is also bilingual in Spanish* 


Planner & Day of Coordinator, Floral Designer

brittas brides team brittney

Born and raised in the city of Snohomish Brittney has always loved the PWN and could not imagine living anywhere else with her husband and their 2 boys.  Brittney came into Britta's Brides team in 2020 after her sister was our first bride at our wedding venue Jackson Manor. With already having prior wedding planning and floral experience it was an easy transition becoming one of our full-time planners. Brittney is a very active member of her church and helping to put on events and classes there as well. Brittney has a teaching background for school aged children as well as teaching piano! When not working on weddings she is a full-time military wife, (they celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary this past November) and home schools her sons Levi & Wyatt. They now live in Skagit county and enjoy being out in nature as much as possible and enjoying everything PNW has to offer. Her favorite part of weddings is letting her creativity fly while being a calming problem solver.


brittas brides team katie

Planner & Day of Coordinator

Katie joined the Britta's Brides team in 2019 and was a recent bride herself in October of 2021 (after 3 different wedding dates thanks covid) Katie and her husband live in Covington area and enjoy spending time with their fur babies. Fun fact about Katie was she was trained as a classical pastry chef and makes amazing cupcakes. She does a mean wobble (this is mandatory for all Britta's Brides employees) and is often loving referred to as human ladder or praying mantis. Katie loves helping with floral design as well as coordination.

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