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We love hearing about a job well done, We appreciate our couples who took the time to write us these amazing reviews!

We worked with Britta as our day of coordinator, and she was absolutely, without a doubt, the MVP of our wedding. Before the wedding, we were able to ask her questions about timelines & general wedding etiquette, and she did a walkthrough of our venue with us the month before to make sure we had everything ironed out. In the week leading up to the wedding, she verified everything with our vendors & made sure everyone was on the same page. The day of the wedding, she was the coolest & calmest presence you could hope for -- all while putting out a million fires that we never had to hear about. When she did need our instruction or approval for something, her questions never felt invasive or stressful. She was somehow on top of everything going on for all the different aspects of the day, without breaking a sweat. We felt so stress-free knowing that if anything came up, Britta could handle it. She also came prepared with an emergency kit, which came in handy for some of our guests with wardrobe malfunctions! Britta was so obviously fantastic at her job that several of our family members commented during the day & afterwards about how great she was, and how they wished they'd had her for their weddings. If you're looking for a day of coordinator, there's truly no one better than Britta!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                Liv P.

I am tremendously grateful for all your knowledge and assistance you provided toward Brock and Savannah's wedding day! I have fond memories of you greeting each of us with a big  hug every time we met. You fastly created a level of trust and comfortability; like family. I really appreciated how you rolled effortlessly through all my questions. So many unknowns and details kept my mind chugging but you provided me a sense of calm with your knowledge and confidence. Your suggested vendors were spot on! We are very satisfied with your recommendations. Less research and more time focusing on what was desired for the day. Leon and I both agree, it was an amazing celebration. I told Leon that even I was impressed with how the event played out! Having perfectionist traits, that's a compliment to your assistance. My true desire was to enjoy the day to the fullest.  To not have to "play hostess" since all took place at our home.  For our guest to be WOW'ed. You were instrumentalist in making it all happen. We have heard over and over how enjoyable the day was. Thank you so very much! I am extremely grateful to you and my mamma heart is proud!  


                                                                                                                                                                                                          Wendy J.

Hiring Britta as my Day-of Coordinator was one of the best decisions I made during my wedding planning process. Britta made sure I had the best day ever, and without her there, I can't even imagine how the day would have gone. She was calm, patient, and endlessly helpful. I appreciated her insights and advice on the wedding planning timeline, her prowess at "herding the cats" and running the ceremony rehearsal, and her ability to think on her feet and pull off an amazing job when I handed her several tasks with somewhat vague instructions (figuring out details and logistics of our tea ceremony; setting up decorations, escort cards, and favors; helping me with a wardrobe malfunction). She checked in about important details and reminded me and my husband of upcoming planned activities throughout the day, and did it in a way that was unobtrusive. She made sure I was eating and drinking and having a great time. There were probably so many other things she did that I didn't notice that contributed to how smoothly the day went. My wedding was the best day of my life, and many, many thanks to Britta for all that she did to make it so. I would highly recommend her to other brides.


                                                                                                                                                                                                         Jennifer T.                                                                                                                                                                                                           

The best decision I made throughout this crazy wedding planning process was adding Britta to the team. She was the first wedding planner we met with, and the only one we ending up meeting because we knew right away she was our person. Our wedding was July 2018 and she was there for every moment, she held everything together from the start to the end. Not only that, but I didn't need to search for any other vendors throughout the planning process, as she dealt with everything and set up meetings. And her suggestions were SPOT ON. She is the reason that my wedding day went so smoothly, all I had to do was enjoy getting hair and make up done, party, and say "I do." I was hesitant to hire a wedding planner, but I am so glad that we found Britta. Her professionalism, communication, and just overall friendliness is second to none, she made my day the best day ever and we could not have done it without her.

                                                                                                                                                                                                     Savannah F.


Britta was awesome! We were planning on handling the wedding by ourselves, but I just felt we wouldn't be able to and thankfully I found Britta! Our wedding was at a park, and we had to transition from "wedding" to reception" and she was instrumental in making this happen smoothly and according to plan. She is very organized and made sure to keep things on track and that the wedding to reception change over went smoothly. It was such a relief having her to "direct traffic". Our photographer said to me, "Britta is amazing, every time I think to myself, we need... there is Britta with it!". I Highly recommend Britta's Brides!


                                                                                                                                                                                                              Angie C.



I don’t even know where to begin. Britta took all of the wedding stress off our shoulders and made it so we were able to completely enjoy our day without any worries. I had 100 questions the week of the wedding and she answered each and every one of them literally minutes after I sent them. She handled all the last minute changes to our ceremony and the little bit of drama we had and was the first one to get there and the last one to leave. Set up and clean up was done in less than thirty minutes and everything was beautiful and how I wanted it to be. She even danced with us at the end of the night. Every single guest, wedding party and family member LOVED her. Did I mention she did all this only three months after giving birth? Not only that, but when her daughter was born she was still checking in with me. She’s absolutely amazing at her job and clearly loves what she does. My husband and I both agree hiring her was the best investment for our wedding day. Thank you for everything, Britta


If I could give this woman 1000/10 stars I would! Britta is an amazing day of coordinator. While planning for my 250+ guest wedding, I was looking for a day of coordinator and Britta came highly recommended by one of my best friends. She had coordinated his 400+ guest wedding and I was like my god, if she could do that massive wedding, mine should be a piece of cake lol. Britta is professional but also very warm and welcoming. She was so easy to communicate with. Months leading up to the wedding,I felt like I could text or email her about any problem or ask for much needed advice. She always got back to me in a timely manner and her advice was always solid. She also help set up the venue/entrance table while we were taking photos and coordinated with my mom to who would watch our envelope box. She worked with me on our timeline and when the day came, everything went so smoothly! If there was ever an issue that day, she took care of it! I am forever grateful for having her in my corner during one of the most stressful and happiest times in my life. Thank you Britta for everything you did on my wedding day, I was able to relax and enjoy myself because you were there. I have all the confidence in the world for this hard working woman! Hire her and you won’t regret it.

                                                                                                                                                                                                          Marian D.

Britta is hands-down AMAZING at what she does! Wedding planning was stressful, but Britta was always there to help us get through the process. Not only was she there to make sure that we had the tiniest details planned (which we never would've thought of without her); she was also our cheerleader who always had a positive attitude. For our wedding day, Britta was our superwoman. She communicated with all the vendors to make sure everything ran smoothly and whenever we asked her to do something, she would get it done right away without a doubt. Britta also had extra accessories for my wedding dress! We had 500 guests at our wedding and one of the main reasons why our day was memorable was because of Britta's hard work and easy-going personality. I would highly recommend Britta as your wedding planner and day-of coordinator--she is patient, flexible, funny, collaborative, and 100% awesome.


Britta is the best! I knew immediately after our first conversation that she'd be a terrific day of coordinator and I was not disappointed! Britta beautifully blends her fun and cheerful personality with her incredibly organized style of wedding day execution. I always felt like she had our best interests in mind and really appreciated how she kept things rolling, even when we lost track of time. She took care of all of the details on our wedding day that we didn't have the time or brainpower to deal with, allowing us to truly enjoy our wedding day! It is an understatement to say that I would have been a stressed-out mess and would have missed many special moments if she hadn't been there to keep our day moving along smoothly. Thanks Britta! :) I cannot recommend her enough!

                                                                                                                                                                                                               Anna W

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